Backgammon back game

backgammon back game

Back Game: [Also spelled " backgame ".] A strategy employed by a player who is substantially behind in the race but has two or more anchors in the opponent's. To view the next video in this series: backgammon - back - game -part-2. Backgammon Back Game Part 1 – End Game Vic Morawksi, expert backgammoner, teaches the basic to the game including the highlights of a back game.


Backgammon Back Game Part 2 - Why Not To Do It

Backgammon back game - diesem

Of course, it depends on the score but it is generally best to hang around for as long as you believe you are still in with a chance of hitting. Too many players become afraid of getting gammoned and start playing cautiously when in a back game. Now he must somehow get at least one more man back so that he has not less than five men on those two points. Backgammon Priming Game Part 1 — End Game. Backgammon — Indirect vs Direct Shot. But they should be deep and what you are looking for is a situation like you see has just opened up, white just rolled badly and had to leave a shot. Das Spiel ist gewonnen, wenn der Gegner aufgibt oder wenn zuerst keine eigenen Steine mehr auf dem Brett sind. Allerdings musste man mit den Steinen die durch die zwölf Linien bezeichnete Strecke dreimal durchlaufen und nicht nur zweimal. Vor allem in Backgammon-Wettkämpfen kommt ein besonderer Würfel zum Einsatz, mit dem allerdings nicht gewürfelt wird. He rates possession of the cube as a major advantage and judges that being able to pressurise White by re-doubling to 4 at the right moment is roulette online gratis demo the risks involved. Diese Regel besagt, dass jeder Spieler seinen Eröffnungswurf ablehnen darf. Einzelne gegnerische Steine können jedoch blockiert werden, indem einer oder mehrere der eigenen Steine auf dem Feld des gegnerischen Steins bleiben. So here white is a favorite to leave a shot and you have a double shot that is there are two numbers, in this case twos and threes that will hit this blot. Backgammon Running Game Part 1 — End Game. backgammon back game


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